Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Chop Wood, Carry Water: End of ITU WTS Season & 70.3 World Champs

The ITU WTS end of season races are reviewed including WTS Edmonton, the Grand Final in Cozumel, including the conditions, the tactics, the Brownlee drama and how the World Champions were decided. The 70.3 World Champs including the dominance by Holly Lawrence, the controversy around motor-pacing, entourages and transparency are discussed along with the Fancy Bears WADA hack and TUE abuse and whether TUEs should be public.

Sunday, August 28, 2016

Real Coaching Podcast: Post Rio Analysis: We're back!


Joel and Paulo are back, reviewing the Olympic Games Triathlon, including the selection process, what went right, and what went wrong, the Mens and Womens Triathlon in Rio, followed by the doping and corruption scandals from WADA, the IOC and Russian team.

Monday, August 8, 2016


This week Joel is on the Physio Matters podcast with Jack Chews and Paul Westwood

The ‘Olympic Special’ with Paul Westwood and Joel Filliol of JFT Racing Triathlon team! Huge privilege to chat to Joel and Paul ahead of the Rio Games about whether simplicity can be applied effective to elite triathlon.

This was a great chat on physio in elite sport, evidence, and injuries. Get the episode on itunes:

Sunday, February 14, 2016

Real Coaching Podcast Episode 10: The Impact of Scientific Knowledge on Coaching

Real Coaching Podcast Episode 10: The Impact of Scientific Knowledge on Coaching

Joel and Paulo debate discuss how scientific knowledge directly impacts on current training methods with our athletes, including what are scientific certainties, practical implications of research, and specific methods including strength training, plyometrics, massage & physiotherapy, anti-inflammatories, fasted training and HRV monitoring.

Saturday, January 30, 2016

Real Coaching Podcast 9: Michael Krüger

Joel interviews Michael Krüger, former Danish National Team Coach and coach to international top performers over many years,  discussing why Denmark produces so many strong triathletes, Ironman vs ITU coaching, when pros should race Kona, and National Federations supporting Ironman athletes. Joel and Paulo discussion repetition as a training concept, running power meters, and why many young athletes develop injuries.

Sunday, January 10, 2016

Real Coaching Podcast Episode 8:

A Heated Debate on Building a Successful Program

Joel and Paulo debate elements of a successful program, both from the basis of national federations, squad and club environments, and culture and environment. In follow up, we revisit the target of the podcast, squad sustainability, USRPT, a Kiwi going for Rio, Polarised training and Session RPE.
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Sunday, December 27, 2015

Resources for Athletes and Coaches

New resources page for athletes and coaches. These are products I use and recommend in my coaching. Check back for updates:

Resources for Athletes and Coaches

Swimming Tools

Finis Agility PaddlesFinis Agility Paddles 
These paddles were discussed on the Swim Myth Busting Podcastthey are ideal for learning an effective catch, where you must press on the water effectively in the correct way. Medium is the right size for most athletes, small for small hands or larger for a different stimulus. 
Smaller versions of the agility paddles: a good second paddle in the tool kit.
Recommended basic flat paddles. Remove the wrist strap.
Finis Pulling Ankle Strap 
A fancy ankle band: you can make a band out of a inner tube, or buy one of these.
Finis Bolster Paddles - Yellow 
These paddles don't allow your wrist to break. They require some commitment to be effective.
Speedo Elite Pullbuoy or Finis Foam Pull Buoy
Basic pull buoys, either will work, nothing fancy.
Finis Swim Parachute - Red 
A drag tool - teaches effective catch. Most swimmers should tie a knot before the chute to lessen the drag from 'stock'.
Finis Dry Land Cord 
Pre-swim dry land training to set up high elbow catch neuro-muscular patterning.
Finis Adult Zoomers Gold
Minimalist swim fins


The Science of Winning: Planning, Periodizing and Optimizing Swim Training Kindle Edition
An excellent resource to understand the balance between energy systems.
Meditations (Illustrated) by Marcus Aurelius
The greatest book ever written?
Once a Runner: A Novel
Fictional novel, perhaps the best book ever written about the process of running.

Coaching Essentials

The standard black notebook every coach requires.
SEIKO SVAS003 Swimming Master Stopwatch
Expensive but the gold standard.
Kindle Voyage 3G
Every good coach reads continuously. Get the best distraction free e-reader.
AeroPress Coffee Maker
Essential for the travelling coach and athlete. Bring your own quality beans.