Thursday, February 7, 2008

News Item: Olympics, Family and Teamwork - an Interview with Simon Whitfield.

Six year old Eric is playing basketball in his backyard, he takes a few wobbly shots, some actually hit the backboard, while most graze the net and make it whiff as if the wind caught it. None go in, but Eric keeps trying, because Simon said it was a good idea.

One shot deflects off the edge of the backboard and caroms into the cedars, it wedges firmly between branches; I help him retrieve the ball.

Suddenly in a spasm of joy, he remembers what happened at school earlier in the day. He looks up at me as I hand him the ball, eyes ablaze and the size of garbage can lids, “YOU KNOW WHAT, CHRIS?”

“Sure I know what, W-H-A-T”.

“Noooo, we had an assem bow lee in the gym and Simon Whitfield was there and he put his gold medal on me and I got to run around the gym in front of everyone with it on, THAT’S WHAT!”

More at FloTrack: Track is Back. Lots of great endurance content on Flotrack.

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