Thursday, March 13, 2008

High Altitude Sports Massage

Here in Flagstaff we work with Geoffrey Bishop of Stay Tuned Therapeutics. Geoffrey posted a blog about his approach to working with the crew:

"The fine line. The interesting thing for a sport therapist working with elite training camps is just that. The fine line, the dance between "pre and post" event type work. We are taught in schools of bodywork that pre event is fast paced muscle spindle work, get them ready to preform. Post event is to be of a recovery and slower regenerative work speed and focus. So, what do we do when an athlete is recovering from a big run Sunday, and getting ready for a big push on Tuesday? Walk the line. Individualize treatment for the athlete, and within that athlete, individualize the treatment for the muscle belly at hand, or the kinetic chain of a specific movement. With enough thought it can seem tricky to know what to do, where and how to work."

More on Stay Tuned Theraputics

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