Friday, March 7, 2008

Living In Fat City

A good article over on about growing obesity rates, which the author says are related to western culture's propensity for eating too much, and moving too little. Craig Harper describes 8 ideas as to how we got this way:

"As an Exercise Scientist, observer of humanity, and ex-fat bloke, there are plenty of things which fascinate me about living in Fat City (the culture, the habits, the behaviors, the thinking, the excuses, the lies, the marketing, the trends, the media), but here’s my short list:
1. We’ve never be more informed, educated, resourced or equipped to combat obesity, yet we’ve never been fatter.
2. I am constantly amazed at our ability (as a society) to complicate the simple.
3. Our obsession with the quick fix.
4. We love playing the ‘blame game’.
5. I laugh when people get grumpy at me for telling the truth; what they don’t want to hear.
6. I marvel that people pay thousands of dollars per year to...
7. Our inability to finish things.
8. The Victim. "

Check out the article for the expanded explanation behind each point.

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