Sunday, March 2, 2008

NAU Centre for High Altitude Training

We're in Flagstaff Arizona now for our second camp of the year. Tomorrow we wrap up out first week here, which has seen some very solid work accomplished coming off the desert duathlon last weekend. I've heard some of the athletes say this first week here we've had some of our hardest workouts so far this year. However, I'm pretty sure some of the monster sessions I'm planning over the next two weeks will set the bar higher again, now that we've had our first adaptation week at altitude.... Check out the athletes blogs for their impressions. Tomorrow is Colin's birthday, so we'll be "celebrating" with something special.  Check out 20 Questions with Colin to find out more about the man himself. 

Flagstaff is a great training venue and after 3 months here last year it feels like a second home. Sean Anthony and the crew at the NAU Centre for High Altitude Training do an exceptional job supporting the athletes and groups who train here, whether from the USA or foreigners like us. We're coming back to Flag later this spring, when the weather is "better", although personally I'm hoping for snow.... HTFU

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