Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Week #3 in Flag

Dano looks on, originally uploaded by jfilliol1.

The secret to the hot/cold contrast bath is that is has very little to do with physical recovery. Its actually a psychological test of extreme discomfort that you can choose to end anytime, just like hard training. From very cold, freezing your dangly bits off, to boiling like a lobster. From this photo we can see that Dano assumed a supervisory role for this "test"....

We are now over halfway through the first Flagstaff camp. Although the first part of this week is "light", I just counted up 23 workouts over 30 hours for our third week here. I figured the guys would appreciate an easy day today, so we had 2 runs, a 4km swim and a 2hr ride. In the pool we had a couple 1000s neg split as you feel... usually that means cruisy, but today seemed like it was hammer time and game on with the guys swapping lanes to pass each other. Then for the afternoon I had an option - easy couple hours or ride the snowbowl climb 10km up to ~9,000 feet, and of course some chose the climb... alright Colin didn't have a choice, but the others.... This is why I prefer to have the squad operate "organically". Why place artificial limitations on what athletes can or can't do? They often surprise you when you give them a chance to have a go, when the "should" need rest or recovery. Bring it....

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