Sunday, May 25, 2008

'Focus on the music and just run faster'

'Focus on the music and just run faster'

Dave Leeder, 23/05/08 at 9:57 AM EDT
"Focus on the music and just run faster."

I just kept repeating that to myself every time I lost focus and starting thinking about how much the workout was hurting. Courage by the Hip came on just as I started the fourth round of intervals, I was 10 kilometres in with three K to go and it was a welcome reprieve from the sound of my own heavy breathing pounding in my ears. My shuffle had supplied a steady stream of Cuff the duke, The Tragically Hip, Joel Plaskett Emergency and Flogging Molly for the first 40 minutes of the workout. The Hip Live 10 vol 3 had dominated the random playlist so far and 'Captain Dramatic' Gord Downie had inspired some fast running around my favorite loops at Beacon Hill park. So when the "hard yards" started (the last third of the set is when the work is really done and I refer to it as "the hard yards") and the Hip's Courage was followed by Impossibilium I was thankful for the company and I started repeating to myself "just run faster" . I was breathing hard, my legs were burning, I was running fast, the music was blaring and I was just loving it.

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