Wednesday, May 7, 2008

The Road To Beijing: Part 3

The Road To Beijing: Part 3

Written by: Colin Jenkins
Date: Tue May 06 2008

Last week the weather here in Victoria, BC was all over the place. We had some sun, some cloud, some wind, some rain, some hail, and an unusual amount of snow. OK, it was only like half a foot and it only lasted for half the day but snow in Victoria is rare, snow in Victoria at the end of April is ridiculous! This is the time of the year that the rest of Canada is supposed to be jealous of us because of all the sun and warmth we get ... well not this year. The rest of the country is laughing at us, we are the ones waiting for the weather to warm up and get more Victoria-like. In the past there have been times when we have gone open water swimming in April, but unfortunately not this year. It just means more meters spent swimming at the "House of BAMF" (Crystal Pool) as coach Joel likes to refer to our local watering pit.

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Colin reports for ST again.... He's giving away all our secrets!! Fortunately we've got some STWKT up our sleeves :-)

Check out those tree trunk legs!!

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