Thursday, June 5, 2008

Triathlete Kirsten Sweetland looks beyond Beijing

Triathlete Kirsten Sweetland looks beyond Beijing
Teen wants experience 'because everyone says your first Olympics is pretty much a shock'

June 5, 2008
VICTORIA–Kirsten Sweetland holds her nose and pours a putrid-looking green concoction down her gullet.

The 19-year-old triathlete had just finished whipping up the power shake in the kitchen of her basement apartment. It contains among other things broccoli, kale, carrots, apple, ginger and some tomato juice. Pulverized in a blender that sounds like a 747 taking off – recommended by mentor Simon Whitfield – the potion looks awful and tastes worse.

"Just to ensure I get all my nutrients," said Sweetland. "Plug your nose, and down it goes. You know the benefit. It's five seconds of discomfort. It's not like we're new to discomfort."

This is indeed a teenager with a high pain tolerance, a world junior champion who has fainted three times in major races after pushing herself past the brink.

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