Friday, July 4, 2008

Tony Soprano pushes me on

Tony Soprano pushes me on

Posted by Colin Jenkins | Jul 2, 08 10:02 AM |

Since I moved to Victoria, B.C., three years ago my life has become rather simplified. It has become a continuous rotation of eat, sleep, train, repeat. No days off, no weekends to hang out. The days become a blur and I never seem to know what day it is. Mondays become Tuesdays become Fridays and before you know it we are back on Monday.

The reason why I have enjoyed the triathlon training in Victoria and why it has been successful for me is because there are no distractions. I have no family out here so I never have any family commitments. Also, my friends are part of our squad with similar goals and work ethic so they never bug me to go out partying, drinking and staying out late.

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