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Whitfield eyes return to glory
2000 Olympic champ has firm belief in abilities

Cleve Dheensaw, Victoria Times Colonist; Canwest News Service
Published: 2:02 am

VICTORIA - In 2000, Simon Whitfield sprinted to the finish line in the shadow of the Sydney Opera House. It seems he has been trying to run out of it ever since.
The moment that has come to define him is both boon and curse. Ever since winning the inaugural gold medal in the men's triathlon at the 2000 Summer Olympics, Simon Whitfield has had to live up to being Simon Whitfield.

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Road to Excellence looks ahead to 2012


Posted 5 hours ago

WITHIN FIVE DAYS OF BREAKING A bone in his foot, diver Alexandre Despatie was on a plane to Boston to see rehabilitation specialist.

When Canada's triathletes, including Kingston native Simon Whitfield, arrive in Beijing next week, they'll have a house to themselves a few metres from a training pool and less than a kilometre from the Olympic course at the Ming Tombs Reservoir.

The men's gymnastics team has been to China each of the last two years to train at the Olympic venue and compete against the host Chinese.

Canada's top medal hopefuls at the 2008 Summer Games, which open Friday, got a sports psychologist when they needed it and had their massage and physiotherapy sessions paid for.

All of the above cost money and it doesn't come from a magic ATM.

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Swim, bike, run and be Mr. Support

Triathlete Tichelaar is entering the best summer of his life, even if he might be Whitfield's caddy

BEIJING -- As the Olympic Games get set to begin here, Paul Tichelaar remained at home preparing.

For his wedding.

And the Olympics.

Three weeks after he competes here, the Edmonton triathlete returns home to be wed to Lindsay Acheson.

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Bill Davoren's Olympic Games Preview

Wednesday, 06 August 2008

With the Olympics just around the corner, we asked Australia's Head Triathlon coach, Bill Davoren, for his views on how both races might unfold. Bill also gives us an individual look at the whole Australian team. While the team is split at the moment, with Densham, Kahlefeldt and Davoren in France and the rest of the group in Australia with their medical and coaching team, the group comes together later this week to make their final preparations to vie for an elusive gold medal.

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'Systematic doping'

5:01 PM Tue, Aug 05, 2008
Andy Friedlander

That's the term used by Arne Ljungqvist, chairman of the IOC's medical commission, regarding the case of seven female Russian track and field athletes suspended last week by track's governing body, the IAAF. Five of the athletes were on the Russian Olympic roster, including middle distance star Yelena Soboleva, considered by many the favorite in the 1,500 meters on Beijing.

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All-out war in the water
Murray loves many things about triathlon, but the swimming low blows are not one of them


To Carolyn Murray, it's not about being next to other competitors during the swimming portion of a triathon that's an issue.

It's having them on top of her, kicking and punching in order to gain an advantage that's a problem.

Especially since she's had to train hard in order to become a world-class swimmer.

"There are moments where you want to stop and say 'OK girls, lets just settle down and swim,' " Murray said. "It's not a problem just having people close by, it's because they're beating you up and trying to slow you down that's a bit frustrating. It's the same for everyone and I really just try to keep moving. But I find that if you retaliate, you're just going to get it back worse.

"There are certain athletes that are more aggressive than others and I try not to start beside them," she added. "But there is not much you can do, you just have to keep your head down and keep swimming."

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