Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Colin Jenkins on FloTrack

Simon, Colin Medal Pics, originally uploaded by jfilliol1.

Colin Jenkins

Christopher Kelsall
September 8, 2008

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You may remember Colin Jenkins, the Canadian triathlete who celebrated finishing the Beijing Olympics Triathlon more than any other athlete did. He was joyously demonstrative running down the home stretch, motioning to the crowd to cheer more as he ambled in - and cheer they did! Yet Colin was finishing dead last.

Considering this, you may wonder why he was celebrating so much. For those of you who may not follow triathlon very closely, Colin was celebrating because he had just done his job as instructed, to the letter. Like in hockey, he scored an assist helping fellow Canadian, Simon Whitfield score an Olympic Games silver medal, mere seconds from gold.

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  1. He's young is he going to top this...Flotrack, CBC, TC....pretty epic press coverage.

    Blame the coach for the great team result too!!

  2. Yes Flotrack is growing in hits, reads and general traffic flow each month. It is one of the most popular sites for track at this moment. It doesn't have a triathlon component specifically however, this may change (I don't know) - I have interviewed a few tripeeps because most of them run well too, like Cheryl Murphy, Kirsten Sweetland, Jasper Blake, Simon Whitfield and now Colin. Although Colin stands out more as a cyclist, it was interesting to get his take on the very finish -the run part.

    CBC has done a brilliant job.