Thursday, October 30, 2008

"No Apologies"

Australian National Performance Director Bill Davoren has announced his resignation from Triathlon Australia, to take a position with an AFL team as head of physical conditioning. It was well known that Bill would be leaving TA at the end of 2008, but this announcement makes it official.

At times Bill faced criticism internally in Australia, but he stuck to his vision despite the naysayers and was a key driver of Australian Triathlon's international success the last 4 + years. I have a lot of respect for Bill, his coaching and his leadership.

"I also leave with no apologies to anyone for the way I have done my job. I was given a task to do and I did that task. I recognise that some of you may have found that challenging, but change nor striving to be the best is ever easy. "

Read Bill's letter here: Triathlon Australia

Best of luck to him in his new career.


  1. Congratulations Joel on being awarded the Petro-Canada Coaching Excellence Award. It is impressive to see all of your hard work being recognized! All the best, Gabbi

  2. The Australians truly have been amazing over the last 4 years...always a force.

    Canada has produced the most successful Olympic triathlete in history. A mark Whitfield will most likely surpass himself before someone else comes along and raises the bar again.