Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Desert Duathlon Blog Round Up

Paul Tichelaar
Desert Duathlon and start of Flagstaff camp
On Friday morning I boarded a plane to Phoenix for the start of the second Olympic prep training camp with the BAMF team. I had a few easy days of training Thursday, Friday and Saturday to get ready for the Desert Classic Duathlon. It is a 5.6km trail run, a 34km non-drafting, hilly bike, and a 4.4km trail run to finish. There were a few good athletes in the field, half of them from our training group. We were up at 5:30am for the 8:15am start. It was weird arriving at the race in pitch black and then watching the sun come up for the start. It's not very often that I race before 11am.

Colin Jenkins
Welcome to 7000ft
Here we are for round 2 of our training camps. Back to Flagstaff, AZ. We were here for 3 months last year and it is good to be back...back to the suffering.
We are set up nicely in a hotel for the 4 weeks that we are here. We have a stove top, living room, and a bedroom so there is lots of space in each of the rooms. My roommate is Dano...best one to roommate with out of the group!

Daniel Wells
Victoria to Phoenix to Flagstaff
I flew out to Victoria on Wednesday, and stayed that night at Joel’s. After swimming the next morning, we went to pick up the rental van that I’d be driving down to Phoenix, and ultimately up to Flagstaff. Thursday afternoon was spent driving around collecting cross bikes and extra luggage from everyone, and then the fun task of loading up the van and catching the 4pm ferry to Port Angeles, WA.

Kyle Jones
Start of Camp #2
We are now in Flagstaff, Arizona for our second training camp of the year. This time we’re at altitude and the focus is a bit different. We’ve laid the foundation and now it’s time to put in some solid work as we’re only one month away from the first race of the season in Mooloolaba, Australia.

Simon Whitfield
Tich is reading Watership Down (one of my favorite books) and I'm licking my wounds.
Well that was a whooping. Nice to get a race under the belt and out of the way. IT was our third trip to the desert duathlon in Phoenix. It was the first year we arrived on time.... after 2 previous debacles where we warmed up on the start line ("just jump up and down, that'll get the blood flowing")

Jordan Rapp
Welcome Back... The Race Season Begins!
Desert Classic Duathlon
2.24.2008 - Fountain Hills, AZ
As it was last season (and the season before), the Desert Classic Duathlon was my first race of the season. The previous two years, it has come after training in Flagstaff; this year, it was the precursor to a five week training camp up at altitude. Every year I've done this race, it's been on a new bike and new wheels, and this year was no exception. This was my first chance to really test out my new rig - a Felt DA with Zipp 999 clinchers and Zipp Vuka aerobars. I was hoping to retain the "fastest bike split" title and hopefully improve on my 2nd place finish from last year. It would be a lot tougher this year with David Thompson and several other fast cyclists in the field. I was coming off a great two and a half weeks in SoCal, splitting training time between the Slowtwitch Ranch and Glendale. I felt like everything was really going well, and that I was ready to have a good race.

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