Thursday, March 27, 2008

Interview with Hunter Kemper

Inside Triathlon has an interview with Hunter Kemper

As usual, I pulled out the good part :-)

"IT: Can anyone beat Javier Gomez?
HK: He has been the top of the sport this last year. Daniel Unger beat him at worlds last year. I think I can beat Gomez but I’ll have to work on my run more to do it. Guys like Whitfield, Docherty, Atkinson, and Kris Gemmell can all beat him too. He is the gold standard right now. I believe I can win an Olympic gold medal but I know I’ll have to be ready to run with Gomez for the first two kilometers of the run to do so. Whitfield asked Javier for his #1 plate off his bike after Beijing world cup and probably has it hanging up in his room right now as a reminder of how he needs to prepare. Maybe he stole it, but it’s up in his room and he’s telling himself that’s the guy he needs to be able to beat. He’s getting close to running sub-30 minutes off the bike. If you can’t do that, you can’t win the gold medal"

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