Thursday, March 27, 2008

Never Discount a 3x World Champion

Tri favourite no longer a 'dark horse'

12:00a.m. 27 March 2008 | By Peter Gardiner
When one of the fancies for this Sunday’s Mooloolaba Triathlon World Cup qualified for the Sydney Olympics triathlon in 2000, it was another case for the sporting public of “Peter who?”

If Peter “Robbo” Robertson had landed from Mars his name could not have been more foreign for a fickle public who only ever know the glamour triathletes.

Robertson, from that faraway galaxy of Perth, experienced exactly how Peter Taylor, one of Australian cricket’s greatest dark horse selections, felt when he swooped from the other worldy ether.

His Sydney Triathlon World Cup win in 2000, which announced his arrival on the world stage was about six or seven years in the making.

“I happened to land my biggest result (til then) in the biggest event going – the Olympic qualifier,” Peter said on the eve of his arrival in Mooloolaba.

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