Sunday, June 22, 2008

What is High Performance?

What is High Performance?

By Wayne Goldsmith | In Coaching Tips, Performance Science

One of the most commonly asked questions in this business is, “What Exactly is High Performance?”

People talk about, write about, think about sports science, sports medicine, exercise physiology, talent identification, performance psychology, biomechanics, skill acquisition, elite coach development, recovery, sports physiotherapy, sports massage, performance analysis and all the elements and components of high performance sport, but what is it? What is this thing called High Performance?

I can summarise it all in one word………Change.

People make High Performance seem a lot more complex, tricky and mysterious than it really needs to be. Sure there is some really cool technology and terminology involved - as there is in all industries - but the essence of High Performance is Change - or rather, accelerating the rate of it.

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  1. "If you continue to SEE the same way, and continue to DO the same things, then you will continue to GET the same results". (a philosophy from educational consultant and author Wayne Hulley)

    Holds true in so many areas and parts of life.