Friday, July 11, 2008

Mimi Boyle Checks In With Jordan Rapp (again)

Mimi Boyle Checks In With Jordan Rapp

By Mimi Boyle

Keeping up with Jordan in May was a full time job as he raced his way from Boise, ID to Canada! He did manage to stop for a while and chat with us…here’s what he had to say about back-to-back race weekends, and his apparent passion for Western movies…

Mimi Boyle: You recently did two 70.3 distance races back to back weekends. What made you choose these races and how was the recovery between the two?

Jordan Rapp: Everyone says you get sort of a "freebie" race after Ironman about six weeks after, when you've gotten a chance to fully recover and absorb the load of the day, so I figured I'd try to take advantage of that. So the timing of that coincided with the first race, Shawnigan Lake. The race was local, so it was easy to do since it involved driving roughly 30 minutes to the race course. The post-Ironman fitness was really nice; I had a much better race than I thought I would given the amount of training I'd done right before the race.

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