Friday, July 11, 2008

Whitfield: He's a triathlete now!!!

Whitfield: He's a triathlete now!!!

Dave Leeder, today at 1:56 PM EDT

He's a triathlete now!!! But in those cold winter months Andrew Ference plays hockey for the Boston Bruins. He's a first-line defenceman with Zdeno Chara and went to general manager for the Bruins on TSN's Off The Record and when Michael Landsberg asked the GM what was one of the most important moves he'd made in the last couple years he answered "bringing in Andrew Ference because he brought so much character to our team". I met Andrew through RIGHT TO PLAY after seeing a Cervelo Soloist in one of his "what play means to me" photos (After seeing how fast he rides I figured it must be the bike and switched to Cervelo). He came and trained with our squad in Victoria last summer for a few days and went head-to-head with us in some bike sprints. At this year's World Championships, Andrew showed up the day before the race and joined me on the "athletes only" course tour ride, we solicited some funny looks and the Aussies asked me later if the dude with the "tats" could swim.

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