Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Coaches Coaching

Google sent me a link this morning in advance of the Noosa Triathlon, about Australian James Seear:
"He is without a coach after the barring of Australian Institute of Sport's head triathlon coach, Shaun Stephens, from guiding individual athletes.
While Seear admitted that losing his coach of six years was not ideal, he graciously said it was for the betterment of the sport." - James Seear
I won't be as gracious as James - with so few triathlon coaches world wide with the experience that Shaun has, Australian Triathlon is worse off with him in essentially a management position. Triathlon is a small sport, with a relatively brief history, and few coaches specialising in the Olympic discipline. The pool of world class coaches with the experience to lead at the top level is very small, and now Australia has one less such coach at the coal face, where there preparation happens that backs medal winning performances. Conflict of interests be damned, get great coaches coaching, with minimal management overhead and athlete performances will come. 

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